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Glock Certified Armorer

Learn 2 Shoot LLC has a certified Glock Armorer on staff who can assist you in maintaining and  repairing your Glock Handgun.

We can run the annual function check, modify or upgrade the Glock with factory parts, adjust the sights, or add new sights.

Annual Function Test

An Annual Function Test is recommended by Glock. We can teach you how to perform the basic test, but some of the tests can only be performed by a Glock Certified Armorer. Also, we can disassemble your Glock and clean it thoroughly and show you how to properly clean and maintain your Glock to factory specifications. The Annual Function Test includes a complete inspection and form that you can save showing the detailed inspection results, function test and suggested repairs and / or repairs performed.

Glock Certified Armorers must be recertified every 3 years. To become a Glock Armorer you must be a certified gunsmith, certified firearms instructor, Law Enforcement Armorer or a GSSF member. Glock Amorers can help Glock owners with diagnosing problems including known warranty issues. Some of these are free through Glock warranty, and a Glock Armorer can assist you in this determination.

Cost for the Annual Function Test:

$55 by appointment

Parts cost:

Varies based on current factory prices.

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